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Envision-Empowered is a magazine designed for the every day woman.

What is the every day woman? Here's what our Envision-Empowered woman looks like.

Career minded, self employed, stay at home mom, retired and discovering the next phase of your life, women who love experiencing healthy living and healthy eating. You will read stories of women who have overcome challenging obstacles, women raising children, either single or married, women who will share their inner most secrets, knowing they are not alone in how they feel, and how we can all overcome it together.

There are hundreds of magazines today that offer advice, share empowering stories, give you the best health advice, new mommybaby tips, losing those extra pounds. With Envision-Empowered you will find all of this information and more.

Envision-Empowered is about YOU!

Every month our magazine will feature the most empowering and inspirational stories from around the world, offer realistic health tips, seminars for helathy living and a yoga studio to enhance or begin your practice, offering a unique blend of classes with instructors that have over thirty years of experience combine.

Enjoy your stay.

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Join us in the opening of Shanti Sanctuary Yoga Studios, located in the heart of Midtown, NYC.

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